Inspired from Tahitian culture, “Vaiatea” means “far away waters”. We find it adequate to express the experience we offer. We created Vaiatea to let you embrace the best of your diving voyage.

Our architect combined Indonesia wooden traditional building art called “Phinisi”, with some top modern occidental diving boat.

The dominant structure, crafted from ironwood by local craftsmen in Kalimantan, needed four years of preparation. We have taken some traditional elements of both culture and recreated them on Vaiatea, wonderfully arranged, to give her a unique and amazing atmosphere.

Custom designed to accommodate 12 guests in a generous comfort, Vaiatea hosts six cabins with a lofty standard with en-suite bathrooms, and air-conditioned.

The main lounge is fully air-conditioned, but the nicest experience is to let the breeze through with all windows opened.  On the upper deck, two master cabin offers stunning views.

All areas such as rooms, dining room, deck and chill spaces have been wonderfully arranged with some top details like the upper deck, with lounge beds, are the perfect places for enjoying sunsets and cocktails.

As a diving liveaboard, we added a large dive platform at the rear where you will have your own dedicated spaces. We have made a dedicated photo room for photographers. Vaiatea boasts a multiple and membrane compressors room, fully ventilated far away from the engine room.

All the features present onboard promise a wonderful diving experience.

VAIATEA is a traditional and magnificent Phinisi–a revisited mix between classic Indonesian wooden sailing vessel and a modern cruising boat–set to travel the majestic underwater world of the Indonesian archipelago.

If you want to encounter the culture and style of Indonesia, as you sail through its stunning islands, then this if for you. With VAIATEA we offer you the chance to embark on an Indonesian adventure.

Our major aim, in creating the VAIATEA, was to provide something unique “atmosphere” always observed in Dragon Dive branding, which promoted all the very best elements of services, safety and diving knowledge.

It reflects this in both the design and decor to the equipment of the boat.
Besides, we wanted to show our connection to our environment by taking care of the ocean. With this in mind, we use as much recycled and reclaimed material as possible.

We applied long-term vision on all building’s sides, to keep the boat in good working condition for many years to come.